The recent Liberal Democrat victory in a former Tory stronghold emphasises the nation’s political realignment but provides a golden opportunity for the left in Basildon.

A political earthquake a few weeks ago wreaked havoc on a Conservative party still smirking from their 80-seat majority win in 2019. The defeat of the Tories in Chesham and Amersham and a 25% swing to the Liberal Democrats slightly faltered a government perceived as teflon. A staggering feat for the Lib Dems but a dismal result for Starmer’s Labour, with only 622 votes recorded.

Starmer and his allies are fixated on regaining the swath…

For young people to flourish in their chosen careers, a healthier and dynamic workforce must be proposed

Meeting Team Workplace

In 1926, entrepreneur Henry Ford revolutionised the industrial workforce by introducing a 40-hour working week for his manual labourers and industrialists. To abate labour unions’ calls for better workers’ rights, the five-day week came into effect to ensure a better work-life balance for those on the production line.

The “9–5” concept still exists today but it is more widespread. The 8-hour day is comprised of office workers, manual labourers, executives and public officials. This hasn’t changed since Ford’s introduction and conjures a debate about how we perceive work today. The pandemic has overturned how we view the world; from inequality…

His quest to topple Biden’s plans are in direct contrast to those he claims to represent

West Virginia

President Biden’s legislative agenda has been thwarted by moderate Democrats’ attempts to undermine increased public spending and social justice rights. This has been the case more so with the disguised conservative in Democrats' clothing; Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

As a British-based socialist, it is incredibly frustrating to see the US government’s attempt at radical reform be stalled by Manchin. Biden has pleasantly surprised a number of progressives, including myself, as he replicates the objectives of the FDR era. …

Hard-working Labour activists and community organisers are being abandoned by their local parties for supporting Corbyn’s mission beyond his tenure

From source

The Labour Party is under new management, “new” being just over a year. Labour left activists, mobilised under Corbyn, are now dealing with feelings of despair and demoralisation. I am perturbed to see a new Labour leadership, voted for overwhelmingly by left-wing voters, now position themselves as flag-waving moderates. At the top, there’s been a paradigm shift away from progressive values and ideals for a more centrist yet lackadaisical approach.

Okay, I can concede the Corbyn project failed miserably to reach government. But it wasn’t all our fault. The mainstream media were brazenly hellbent on stopping Corbyn in his tracks…

Pride Month is well underway, but hatred towards the LGBTQ+ community continues when those with considerable influence don’t speak out.

Celebrations for Pride Month have becoming increasingly popular around the globe, with a nuanced public awareness campaign for LGBTQ+ inclusivity. To stay on trend, giant corporations have embraced the Pride flag by using branded content to highlight their supposed allegiance to the cause. From Comcast to Walmart, these highly recognisable companies claim to be doing their bit for Pride Month this June. …

The longest-serving Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was ousted yesterday with a new coalition succeeding him. For those who first hear this news, this can bring about feelings of adulation and relief that a Trump-esque leader has reverted to the opposition benches after years in power. In reality, a political figure considered to be an “ultra-nationalist” who is steadfast in his view of an occupied Palestine has replaced Netanyahu; his name is Naftali Bennett.

Bennett, a former ally to Netanyahu and his one-time chief of staff, has endorsed the continued blockade on Palestinian territories and refuses to acknowledge calls for…

Published in Left Foot Forward 26.05.21

Labour must return to its socialist principles to offer a transformative mandate to the nation.

The local elections have passed and a damning indictment of Labour’s failures followed. One year into his leadership, Keir Starmer seems to focus his energy on ostracising those on his left whilst taking a gentler approach with the hardline Conservative government.

The mention of ‘policy’ surely had Starmer aides flailing when they offered a weak mandate to Britain’s local authorities this month.

Labour were victorious in areas where they promoted municipal socialism, counteracting the strategy from parliamentarians and the…

The gradual return to the office for many employees has come at a fragile time. For me, the office environment is a brand new experience and one I’m adapting to every day.

As the government announces a return to office-based working post the gruelling stages of the pandemic, it begs to differ whether workers are ecstatic to return or wracked with angst about the idea. COVID-19 has upended the lives and norms of almost everyone, yet dealing with the cacophony of various office characters was eased. …

First published in SMITHS — Goldsmiths University’s Student Magazine

When Geri Halliwell stepped onto the stage at the 1997 Brit Awards in the now legendary Union Jack dress, she symbolised a sense of patriotism during the Cool Britannia period. Her celebration of all things British went down in history. However, the Labour Party’s similar aim of embracing the flag will certainly not have the same effect on the British public.

The leaked strategy report on Keir Starmer’s vision for Labour, compiled by an external consultancy firm, has been heavily admonished in the media. A Morning Star article featuring Labour left…

In the US, the global gag rule has forever been a cultural and logical difference with the two major parties. The executive order prohibits medical and legal assistance to NGOs that grant abortion services to disadvantaged women in poorer countries. Since 1981, the ruling has been adopted or rescinded by every Republican and Democratic administration respectively. To pander to their religious base, conservatives have reviled its pro-choice connotations, whilst Democrats use it to showcase their liberalism and stance on female autonomy.

The global gag rule marks a sheer divide in the American political sphere. The same can be said for…

Liam Barrett

Socialist commentator.

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